1 août 2010

Simplifying things

Lately, I have visited Angie Jordan's blog and I was truly impressed how she captures likeness in an incredible economy of lines ( see on Angie's blog the caricatures she did on july the 30th...they're amazing). She really does great live caricatures just with the minimum of details. So at work today, I decided to have fun and to simplify my caricatures. No shadings, no bodies, no hands, no color and often, not even the name of the model. Pure line is so fun to work with!...Thank's to Angie Jordan for being my inspiration to improve my work today. Here are a few samples that I drew on this sunny sunday !And just this last word, I like to see what other artists do, not to copy them (which is to my belief the worst thing to do) but to find some tricks or some different way of doing that helps us to find our own style which is not always an easy task. When an artist has a style and that you don't have to read his signature to know who he is, believe me he's a winner in my opinion.

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