5 déc. 2010

3D caricatures

Link to the 'making of' high quality 3D caricatures (Click on the title above to be redirected to the site. Once on the website, click on 'Regardez le documentaire')
Lien vers la caricature 3D du maire de Québec (vidéo très bien fait, cliquez sur le titre ci-haut pour être redirigé)


Live caricature

19 sept. 2010

Memory Sketche

I saw a great drawing exercice on tke Sketch Club's blog (http://sketchclub.blogspot.com/). Here is the description they give;
After lunch, Sketch Club identifies a person of interest, usually for their unique or distinct characteristics. The subject is briefly studied without drawing. Once back from lunch and back at the drawing board, the subject is drawn from memory.
This is exactly what I did with these 2 guys I saw on the street. They had strong features that easily printed in my mind.

Drawing from models

Drawing from models with watercolor. Originals are 14X20 inches on Arches paper. Price is $750 canadian each original.

17 sept. 2010

Book on Rand Holmes by Fantagraphics

Rand Holmes was a canadian underground cartoonist. His art was totally amazing, as good as Wallace Wood from EC comics from my point of view...and his stories were funnier. Underground specialist Patrick Rosenkranz gives us this beautifull retrospective of this chronically underpaid artist who lived the 20 last years of his life on a remote island in British Colombia. A must for the underground cartoons fans. Published by Fantagraphics.

16 août 2010

Live caricatures

2 gigs in one day...ouf...I don't do this often...Here are a few of my models...The cow-boy was done live, then I redraw him in studio.

9 août 2010

2 models I drew live today

Drawing from live models is always a challenge. Some models are easy to captures while others need a lot of experience and skill from the artist to get the likeness. Here are 2 models I drew today. I like to draw couples because you can compare one head with the other and, starting from that, accentuate the differences. In this particular case the two shapes of the heads are really different which helps a lot in capturing the likeness.

2 août 2010

Working with negative space

The negative space is the area outside of the drawing. It's the blank part of the sheet and it's very important in drawing. Today, I tried to leave less than 50% of blank space. It was a great challenge! Here are a few caricature I did on monday.

1 août 2010

Simplifying things

Lately, I have visited Angie Jordan's blog and I was truly impressed how she captures likeness in an incredible economy of lines ( see on Angie's blog the caricatures she did on july the 30th...they're amazing). She really does great live caricatures just with the minimum of details. So at work today, I decided to have fun and to simplify my caricatures. No shadings, no bodies, no hands, no color and often, not even the name of the model. Pure line is so fun to work with!...Thank's to Angie Jordan for being my inspiration to improve my work today. Here are a few samples that I drew on this sunny sunday !And just this last word, I like to see what other artists do, not to copy them (which is to my belief the worst thing to do) but to find some tricks or some different way of doing that helps us to find our own style which is not always an easy task. When an artist has a style and that you don't have to read his signature to know who he is, believe me he's a winner in my opinion.

24 juil. 2010

Next mini-exhibition, monday 26th of july, Val David

I will exhibit 4 watercolors at 'Le Bistrôt Plein Air' in Val David starting on monday the 26th of july 2010. Here are the four of them ...
1- 14X20 inches Watercolor 'L'amour en couleur'
2- 24X30 inches Watercolor 'St-Siméon'
3- 14X20 inches Watercolor 'T'es unique, je t'aime'
4- 24 by 30 inches Watercolor 'Ski au mont Gabriel'.
Le Bistrôt de Plein Air' is located just nearby the old railway station.